We’re up, we’re running, and it is awesome!  Welcome to the debut of Josh Shoberg (dot) com!  In all honesty this thing went through about 3 revamps, none of which actually saw the light of day ever until I put this thing together.  Because I got sidetracked by things like life in general, my day job, my family, and a spontaneous hernia surgery where my insides attempted an old-timey prison break tunneling their way through my abdomen wall, you’ll see a few more blank pages and Coming Soon images than I was hoping to slap you in the face with.  No wait, I ended a sentence with a preposition.  A few more of those than with I was hoping to slap you in the face.  My inner Grammar Nazi is placated.  Anyway, that’s why this entire site is done on a “Whenever I Can” schedule.  I am going to attempt to create order from the chaos on as regular a basis as I can with the kind of schedule I have, but that’s just sometimes asking a lot.

Here’s what I’ve got in store for you:

There are 5 blogs:

  • The Real Life Adventures of Josh – I have a lot of strange stories about things that have happened to me.  You will be bombarded with them here.
  • The Fake World of Real Sports – We take sports films and analyse what would happen in the real world if the events in the film took place during actual sporting events using period-specific rules.
  • The Project Blog – I work on a lot of different things at various times.  This is a way to keep track of my progress on some of the ones big enough to merit their own pages.  This is broken down into Completed and In Progress.
  • Various Rants and Such – Sometimes I just vent about things or whatever.  It’ll go there.
  • Josh Reviews Stuff – There aren’t actually any entries in this just yet, though one for Assassin’s Creed 3 will be coming soon.

There are currently 4 comics:

  • The Adventures of Kyle and Josh – Contains the archive of the 4-issue run with Steff Krus at the helm.
  • Worst Summer Ever – Currently posted page 51, new to the comic since the last site went down (thank you, non-descript hacker douchebag!) and there will be some pages trickling in here and there as the artist, Dan Barton, finds time to do more.
  • Old School Game Review – Currently not updating but contains the 11 comics that went with classic video game reviews from an old video game selling site I attempted.  This will be updated at some point as I have more reviews and comic scripts written, just no one to illustrate them.
  • Random Filler Theater – A catch-all for other stuff I’ve done or other people did as a collaboration with me, fan comics, things like that.  You’ll start seeing a lot of these trickle in as I dig up old stuff on my computer that in all honestly would probably be best left to die in a field somewhere.

Then there are other sections:

  • About – This is about me, the site, an FAQ section (one of the unplanned Coming Soon images you’ll see), et cetera.
  • Artwork – Photoshop, pencil drawings, character sketches, other random stuff.
  • Figures – Dedicated to my random hobby of repainting action figures.
  • Buy Stuff – Eventually there will be a store where you can get merchandise like shirts and books and all kinds of other stuff.
  • Help Wanted – I always have more projects than I can handle on my own so if you want to help me, I’m more than willing to take it.
  • Other Stuff – Sometimes I don’t really know how to classify things.  That’s where weird stuff will eventually go.

Ready?  Good.  Away we go!