Title: Mega Man X: Command Mission
System(s): GameCube, PS2





As I do these reviews I start to see a trend wherein some of my favorite older games are games wherein the characters are taken out of their element and plopped into new ones. Mega Man X: Command Mission takes the characters you’ve come to love from the Mega Man X universe and throws them armed to the teeth into the world of the turn-based RPG.

The plot of the game centers around something called Force Metals, which are extracted from a meteorite and lead to amazing advances in Repoloid technology. But of course with anything that increases power and abilities you have your evil bad guys that want it for destruction; the Mavericks. Enter Mega Man X, Zero and gang to wind through a world meeting new allies, treachery, and a whole lot of gun upgrades.

Part of what makes this game so unique for an RPG is the battle system. Built from the ground up to encorporate more of the franchise’s run and shoot style of gameplay, the characters in your party can be equiped with side weapons like missiles of various kinds. A meter gradually fills before each character’s turn which will dictate which and how many attacks can be done that round. Fill the meter completely and you get to launch some pretty devistating attacks, especially after you’ve found Mega and Zero’s alternate Hyper Mode suits. The Hyper modes turn each character into stronger versions of themselves, though they only last for a set number of turns (though said number can be upped for the character by finding stat modifiers).

Another fun thing about the battle system is that you can switch your party members out mid-battle. This leads to you being able to better strategize things like using characters’ strong points and weak points in their best setups and ultimately giving you a larger chance at lasting the entirety of the battle. There will be times, as in any RPG, where you will ultimately start getting schooled by a stronger enemy and this feature is about as close as you can get to being able to eventually use all of your characters at the same time.

Command Mission did what a lot of games only strive to do: it carved a niche for itself inside a genre whose clientelle don’t always take kindly to interlopers. In a time where the Final Fantasy games for the Playstation reigned supreme and knock-offs appeared in endless droves, this game managed to take the universe it had created and mold an RPG game around it, rather than the other way around.


Minor spoiler alert here, but after you beat the game you get a key to unlock an area with some serious bad guys. After you eventually beat the last one you get both Axl’s best attack and weapon…and there’s no one left to use it on. It makes no sense to have it set up this way where the strongest enemies have already been crushed beneath your robot boots only to then get the strongest attack that you will never, ever get to use unless you decide to beat the game one more time. Because let’s face it, you will never beat the last of these uber strong guys to get the weapon without beating the game a dozen times and leveling like crazy.

Final Fantasy 7-9, PS1

I say that as if anyone reading this has never played them before. And if you haven’t, I honestly recommend that you fix that as quickly as humanly possible.