#1 – Kyle and Josh Go to Hell
When Kyle chokes on his spoon and disappears, Josh and Happy the Cigarette take it upon themselves to find him. However, when they do find Kyle in Hell they must defeat Satan in a stereotypical battle for their freedom.


#2 – The Cigarette Fairy
Kyle and Josh realize that Happy is nowhere to be found, but a clue is discovered that could lead them to find Happy’s abductor. But are they prepared for who that abductor is and what his sinister plan holds?


#3 – Road Trip!
As a way to kill some boredom, Kyle and Josh decide to take a road trip. Randomness ensues that leads them to the land of Oz, the Grand Canyon, and the Biggest Ball of Twine. Eventually they save the world.


#4 – The Zoo (Part 1): The Obligatory Cliffhanger
Kyle and Josh, through a fluke accident, are transported into the future and are mutated into animal-people. A team of government funded superheroes agrees to return them to their normal form and time, but not before they ask for K&J’s help.


#5 – The Zoo (Part 2): The Inevitable Conclusion
This issue was meant to conclude the anthropomorphic future adventure but unfortunately it was 3 pages into this issue that Steff finally moved on to other things and it was never completed.