Movies - 01 - Attack of the 50 ft Baby.mpg_000730468The Grand Uber DVD was named that because back when I asked Ben to take all of the original VHS tapes and send me copies, he actually made one copy and simply wrote “Josh’s Grand Uber Tape” on the side.  It was pretty much as soon as I got it that I started to hatch the scheme for making this DVD (now literally more than 10 years later).  The DVD includes such classics as:

Movies - 08 - Chofo El Poderoso.mpg_000320616

  • The Attack of the 50-Foot Baby
  •  King Arthur
  •  Cuentos Impopulares Dionisio Americanos
  •  El Ultimo Pollo McNugget
  •  Jurassic Park 2 1/2
  •  Prince of Judgment
  •  Magneto Parte Dos
  •  Chofo el Poderoso
  •  The Clinton/Gore Campaign Video

In addition to the movies, the DVD also includes extras and the Shorts which are short movies we made, mostly at 3 AM in Ben’s basement, and have less story and were mostly made up on the spot.  That list includes:

  • Movies - 02 - King Arthur.mpg_000372630I Love Working
  •  MNUUUH…
  •  Steffan, Queen of the Desert
  •  Drugs!
  •  Ladies and Gentlemen…the Circus!
  •  Our Rap
  •  Grandpa’s Family Video
  •  The Gay Porn (not actually a gay porn)
  •  The Super Slim 9000
  •  Jesus: The Early Years
  •  America’s Most Sadistic Home Videos
  • Shorts - 12 - Clinton Gore Campaign Video.mpg_000287638The Dubbed-Over Movie (Original)
  •  The Dubbed-Over Movie Redux
  •  Adventures of the Ostrich Riding Knight
  •  Alf’s Rampage
  •  The Cave-In
  •  Music Video #1
  •  Music Video #2
  •  Instances of Randomness 1-4

All of these movies clock in at a run time of almost 4 hours and we recorded commentary for all of them.  Round 2 came when Ben brought the original tapes to the commentary recording so that I could record better quality versions of the movies and as I did so, lo and behold, I found items that were not on the original Grand Uber Tape.  They have also been ripped to the computer and I’m in the process of integrating them into the original sets of movies and shorts.  Stay tuned for the update!