400 is a lot of pages, but this book is so far estimated to top that number.  I realized earlier this year that Kyle and Josh was created in June of 1998 (or thereabouts), making 2013 its 15th anniversary.  I began the arduous task of going through my file cabinet to gather everything I could find related to the first comic that started it all and I was amazed by the sheer volume of things I still had.  It seemed like every scrap of paper I’d ever doodled on was safely nestled away within those file folders.  And as I began to sort these into categories like Storyboards, Characters, Sketches, things like that, I very quickly realized that my original estimate of maybe 200 pages was nowhere near the space I needed.  Factor in all the stuff on the computer that doesn’t have a hard copy counterpart and you have a hell of a lot of items.

I found I still had all 11 pages of the very first Kyle and Josh that we did by candlelight on that June evening in 1998.  I had doodles I’d done at work circa 2000 or 2001 that were printed on envelopes with the company’s name and logo.  I had renditions of friends and other coworkers in the Kyle and Josh style that I probably wouldn’t even have remembered the names of had they not been written right on it.  When I completed sorting all of those pieces of paper I sat staring at a variety of piles and I knew I couldn’t rely on my normal “let’s just start and see where it goes” style of doing things.  I needed an actual plan.

So I started an Excel document, numbered out each and every item and even began to make a list of page numbers. I had to estimate on some things, like the pages with character designs or random sketches and such, but my estimated page count came in at almost 450 pages.  I cut down a few things that were only related to Kyle and Josh by association (like my friend Matt’s 11-page comic J2 or my cousin’s comic inspired by K&J called The Adventures of Dane and Dan) and I removed items that related to the upcoming Kyle and Josh revamp and new comic to save for its own book.  I tossed in a handful of extra pages books can use; a few blanks at the beginning, the copyright pages, an introduction and a table of contents, and so far have come in at a grand total of 418.

I’ve completed the lengthy task of creating a Photoshop page for each corresponding book page.  I’ve scanned everything that stack had for me, and I’ve even placed all of the comic pages themselves (280 pages in and of itself), and am in the process of making each and every comic page appear like you see just above.  They will all have this magnitude of commentary, complete with relevant doodles or pictures or whatever else I have to throw in.  All told, this book is going to be a monster but it is going to encompass literally the near-entire 15-year history of my version of the dynamic duo, the comic that started it all, The Adventures of Kyle and Josh.