I realized that I hadn’t actually posted anything about this in the last 8 months.  Part of that is because I haven’t really worked on it much over the last 8 months, at least until recently.  With all the things that have been going on since December like buying a new house (we almost moved to another state…again), switching jobs, and finding out about baby #2 on the way, factored in with having a toddler who is running like crazy, it leaves little free time.  But there is some good news.

K&J: 15 Years of Total ObscurityI have been doing more work on it lately.  I don’t have a massive amount of progress to show just yet, but I do have a handful of pages complete.  The most notable is the mockup of the cover design to the left.  The plan, assuming I can meet the minimum order criteria, is to have this be done as a hardcover with the cover being gold foil stamped.  Part of me thinks “You’re only going to get one shot at this, you might as well go all out” and the other part tempers that with “You’re a moron.”  It’s true, I’m only going to get one shot at this, but I also need to ground it in reality.  A 400-page hardcover book is not cheap to print, though it’s surprisingly not that much more expensive than doing a 400-page trade paperback would be.  It just has to do with the way they’re printed.

I did run into a pretty major snag.  All 400 Photoshop files I created previously had been done with the wrong template in mind.  See, my idea was to just make the pages and decide on hardcover vs. trade paperback later but as it turns out, the dimensions are slightly different.  Like, half an inch smaller horizontally and that’s it.  So I had to reformat each and every page and that project itself took a number of days.  Thankfully, once that was done I was able to start adding content to the pages and that’s where I’m at now.

Current completed page count is close to 20 so I’m at about 5% fully completed.  I am hoping to get this completed by the end of the year so I can still get it into the 15-year mark, but I guess if I have to make it 16 Years of Total Obscurity it’s not the end of the world.