Current Status:

  • Writing: In Progress

Chase Dakota: Paranormal Investigator is a novel I have started writing.  It originally started as a script for a short film I wanted to make, and even began shooting, before I realized just how difficult it was to make a movie with all volunteers, no money and no experience.  I revisited the idea and re-wrote the movie script expanding it and filling in a few plot holes.  I then expanded it further with the idea that I would turn it into an online web series.  None of those things ever went much of anywhere.

Not wanting the story I’ve had in my head to go to waste, I started to novelize the idea.  I wrote a lot of stories as a kid, a handful as I got a little older, but never really finished any of them (with the exception of 2).  But I started to show the prologue to folks and I was told they wanted more.  I saw that as a good sign so I have begun to explore the idea of really fleshing this baby out and getting it published.  Every once in a while I’ll update my progress with the project here and probably on the main page.