Starting in Junior High School, a specific set of friends and I used to record ridiculous movies in the middle of the night to kill time and have fun using an old VHS camera.  As time marched on we continued doing that but also began filming school projects every opportunity we had, many of which were for Spanish class (a class, ironically, in which I was not enrolled) or English classes in High School.

When I first moved to Oregon (circa 2001) I asked my friend with the video camera to create a tape for me that contained all of the movies that we had done.  The tape easily exceeded 4 hours of footage and I still have that tape to this day.  But I wanted to share that tape with those others involved who hadn’t seen it in many years.  I began to devise a plan.

I ripped the tape to my computer and began authoring the DVD.  I was having a lot of fun with it until I showed my wife some of the movies and realized that it was a bit more for those who were there, kind of a DVD of inside jokes.  I realized at that moment that one day, I needed to get the group of us together and record commentary.

Fast forward to July of 2012 and I managed to make that happen.  While recording the commentary I was presented with a bag full of the original tapes as a way to record better versions of the movies and in so doing found even more movies and other items that hadn’t originally made it onto the DVD.  So those have been ripped and added but now need commentary recorded for the additional items.  And it will be epic.