Current Status:

  • Paint Dr Wily Figure: Complete
  • Paint Accessories: In progress
  • Remake Cardboard Components with Wooden Once: Pending
  • Repaint Mega Man Figure: Pending
  • Repaint Protoman Figure: Pending

The idea with this is that I plan to take the Dr Wily playset from the Mega Man line of action figures and not just repaint it, but to actually redo the set in wood, tile and electronics.  The cardboard components will be replaced with wooden couterparts, the monitor in the wall is actually going to be a real screen, there will be lighting and the floor will be tiled.  In addition, the characters of Dr Wily (which comes with the playset), Mega Man, Protoman and possibly Rush will be added.  Additional character lighting will be used in certain places, such as Mega Man’s gun hand, using fiber-optic cables to light up specific character components.  Watch along with the progress!