I work on a great many things and tend to juggle them all pretty much at the same time.  I am constantly coming up with new ideas, not all of which I follow up on, but I’m of the mind that it’s great to have things to jump around back and forth on instead of just doing one at a time and get utterly burnt out.  Sometimes I draw, sometimes I repaint action figures or do other random art-related things.  Sometimes I do various writing other than the blogs, sometimes I have totally crazy ideas for things like video games or books or whatever.  My brain is a simultaneously wondrous and frightening place to be.

So while each of the major projects I am working on, or have worked on, have their own pages listed under the Projects header that also include their current progress on a meter, this blog is where I will be putting relevant information pertaining to what I’ve been working on.  Instead of just updating the entirety of the project main page, I’ll just be talking about progress about those projects, or maybe how they came about or whatever I feel like expanding on, in this bad boy here.